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Japanese Tattoos & Their Meaning


Irezumi essentially means decorating the body with mythical beasts, demons, gods, flowers, animals, etc. In Japanese culture, it's historically thought to bestow various powers onto those bearing the tattoos.

Hannya Mask

The hannya mask represents a jelous demon woman.


The samurai signifies nobility.

Oni Mask

The oni mask represents masculine demons.


Tebori is the traditional Japanese method of hand-poked tattooing. All the needles used for Tebori tattoos in my studio are handmade and assembled in-house. This hand-poked method is more time consuming but will give you the most authentic tradtional Japanese tattoo experience.


Tiger  represents strength and curageousness.

Koi Fish

The koi climb againest the current of water and upstream the waterfall to achieve its final transmormation on the apex; the Dragon.  Keep perservering againest all obstacles that gets in ones way is what the koi represent. 


Dragons are mythical dieties that controls the weather, thus bringing harvest.


The Geisha represents beauty, elegance, and mystery.


Risen from the ashes, the Phoenix represent a new beginning.

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossoms represents changes and new beginnings.

Peony Flower

Chrysanthemum Flower

In Ancient China, Chrysanthemum were use for medicinal purposes.  As a tattoo, it means to bring good health and wellness.

Some More of Our Traditional Japanese Tattoo Work

All of these artistry and techniques were taught to me when I traveled to Japan. Check out more of my story here.