The Journey

How Did 848 Tattoo Studio Come About?

My name is Danny Nguyen AKA Abyss. I am an Atlanta native. My passion for art brought me into the tattooing business. Growing up, I watched a lot Japanese cartoons known as Anime. Anime set in motion a fascination for Japan and their culture. As I discovered tattoos, I fell in love with the Japanese culture and artistry. Deep down, I knew and told myself, I'll become a Japanese tattoo artist and open my own tattoo shop in Atlanta.

With my new found inspiration, I did research, found my calling, and traveled to the other side of the world for my apprenticeship at Horitoyo tattoo studio. The studio is in the small Japanese village of Yamanashi under the shadows of Mount Fuji. Studying under my mentor, Horitoyo, helped me build a solid foundation of traditional Japanese Irezumi art.

After a few brief stints at local tattoo shops in Atlanta, GA. I struck out on my own to continue my journey to become the best. At one point, I was living out of my car, eating instant noodles, to make my dream a reality. With determination to follow my dream, I found a way and opened a private tattoo studio.

Not knowing what to call it, what came to mind was the plane that started my journey. It started with plane number 848 and my dream of owning private tattoo studio. That's where the name 848 Tattoo Studio came from. I never gave up, and am given the opportunity to build a loyal following. Now, I will continue to develop my style, perfect my craft, and aim to be the best.

Danny, The Artist, With Momo, The Security Guard

Miwa The Japanese/English Translator

Kuma The Distinguished Gentleman