Experience the Art of Traditional Japanese Tattoos

     Do you want to get some ink? Did you research and decide that a Japanese style tattoo is what you need? My name is Danny and I specialize in large body artwork with elements of traditional Japanese artistry and culture. My ink projects are precise, detailed, and always original. You can check out some of my work on Instagram. I aim to make them the most sought-after designs in America.

     Being passionate about art my whole life, I fell in love with Japanese art and culture. My fascination led me to Japan, where I studied the artistry, and techniques such as Tebori used in traditional Japanese tattoos. Japan is a mecca for artists and enthusiasts because the country has a long history of body art, combined with its unique culture. Long story short, after years of studying art and learning from a first-class artist, Horitoyo, I decided to open up the best tattoo shop in Atlanta, GA.

     In recent years, I toured the United States to get my name out there until Covid shut everything down. Attending conventions around America was quite the experience. Touring brought out even more creativity through all my interactions with amazing clients. Moving forward, I am striving to become known as the best Japanese tattoo artist in Atlanta, Georgia and throughout the United States.

     My private tattoo studio in Atlanta, GA is small and not walk-in friendly. Set up an appointment with us via email, text, or Instagram messages. My client's time is precious. Let's not interrupt their session. I look forward to working with you.