Updates from Abyss:

I will be in Japan from July 15th through August 31st.

Sorry for any inconvenience in the ATL! Please continue to email me though, I will still check and reply. Thank you!


Traditional Japanese Tattooing of Atlanta

Atlanta native Abyss traveled to the other side of the world for his apprenticeship at the world-renown Horitoyo tattoo studio. The studio is located in the small Japanese village of Yamanashi in the shadow of Mount Fuji. Under his mentor Horitoyo, Abyss learned a solid foundation of traditional Japanese irezumi art. Irezumi essentially means decorating the body with mythical beasts, demons, gods, flowers, animals, etc. that historically thought to bestow various powers onto those bearing the tattoos. Not limited to just one style however, Abyss prefers black and grey pieces and his signature style, similar to his name, is abstract, gritty and somewhat dark. After brief stints at a few local tattoo shops, Abyss struck out on his own to continue to build a loyal following, develop his style and perfect his craft.